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why did i wait so long to download the days of future past soundtrack this is orgasmic

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MY FAVOURITE ASOIAF HOUSES → [5/10] » House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear

↳ House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear is one of the Great Houses of Westeros and is the ruling house of Dorne. ‘Nymeros’ indicates “of the line of Nymeria,” but generally it is simply called House Martell. Their seat is Sunspear in southeastern Dorne. The Martells of old used a spear as their emblem, while Nymeria and her Rhoynar used the sun as theirs. When Nymeria wed King Mors Martell, the symbols were combined into a gold spear piercing a red sun on an orange field. Their words are Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. In appearance they are classic salty Dornishmen, with dark eyes, dark hair in ringlets, and olive skin.

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Favorite Character Meme - 1/3 Emotions - Anger

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I want you by my side.

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